Do You Want A Wishes Tree?

Do you know what a Wishes Tree ceremony is?

Would you want it to be included in your wedding celebration?

A celebrant lead event can do that.

Traditionally used  in Dutch weddings, Wishes Trees have grown in popularity and are a lovely, beautiful and meaningful way of capturing all those messages of love, support and good wishes those closest to you want to say.

As part of a wedding celebration ceremony a Wishes Tree adds that symbolic gesture of growth, strength and the blooming of your relationship and is a way of including all your family and friends in the celebration of your marriage.

Guests are invited to write, on a small card, their messages and these are then hung on the tree for the happy couple to treasure for always.

The design of cards is chosen by the couple and often contains their name and date of their marriage. The cards are usually presented in a beautifully crafted box, which can later be used to keep these precious wishes in.

Often a close family member such as a mother of the bride or a child of the couple is invited to write the first wish and hang it on the tree.

More commonly at the end of this part of the wedding ceremony celebration, the celebrant reads a poem, similar to this one which invites messages to be left.


The Wedding Wish Tree Poem


Here stands our Wedding Wish Tree

Though it looks a little bare

But it would look so pretty

With the thoughts you want to share


So please pick up the pen and write

A thought, a joke, a quote

Then tie it to the branches

And watch your wishes float


And when this day is over

We can’t wait to have a look

We will keep the little labels

In our Wedding Wish Tree Book


And in the years that follow

We’ll remember on this day

All your thoughts and words so kind

And in our hearts you’ll stay


The gathering, keeping and re-reading of these good will messages is beautiful and touching reminder of your special day.