Flaming romance!

Have you experience that spark of true love? Would you like to express that feeling at your wedding? It can be done and here is how.

One of the sweetest and most charming of ceremonies is the Unity Candle ceremony. This ceremony uses three candles the central of which is normally the biggest and has the engraved names of the wedded couple upon it. The outer two candles are smaller and normally have no adornment upon them, however as with all celebrant led ceremonies, that choice is for the couple to make.

The ceremony starts with each spouse simultaneously lighting their chosen outside candle, from their respective lit candle they then together and in unison light the middle “unity candle.” They may then blow out their individual lights, or leave them lit, symbolizing that they have not lost their individuality in their unity.

The creation of one flame from two other separate flames is a striking and beautiful, but yet simple symbolic gesture of everlasting and forever entwined enduring love and commitment to one another.

The candle can stay lit throughout the rest of the day’s festivities and is often relit by couples on their recurring wedding anniversaries.

Whilst this explanation demonstrates the practical aspects of this ceremony, I create a ceremony for you that is bespoke, personal and tailored to your particular love story.

The words, vows and pledges that I write for you will be your own sentiments, emotions and feelings. These you will speak to each other during this wonderful, visually representative, moving celebration of your love for other another.