What is a Celebrant

What is an Independent Civil Celebrant and how do I differ from a Registrar?

To be a legally married in the United Kingdom, a service must be performed by a registrar, priest or vicar, and must be witnessed and the register must signed by the registrar and witnesses. This formal part of the service can take as little as ten minutes in your local register office. Registrars can also perform these services in an approved venue, that is somewhere where a licence as been granted to undertake a formal wedding. These venues can be expensive to hire and the following restrictions on the service will still apply.

There is only a prescribed form of words that can be used and no religious content is permitted. You are limited to their choice of music and when it can be played. No alcohol is to be consumed and therefore toasting the happy couple cannot take place. There is no religious symbolism or symbolic gestures are allowed and for that reason, no candles, sand blending or hand fasting and sometimes no exchanging of rings is allowed either.

There is also a restriction placed on the time of day and length of ceremony.

There will be no opportunity for a rehearsal or to meet the person undertaking the ceremony prior to the occasion and more often than not you will be one of many marriage services taking place that day, so it can be a very speedy experience.

An Independent Celebrant

Many couples are choosing the option of undergoing the legal formalities of their marriage, first at the register office then arranging the wedding celebration ceremony they want.

By taking this option, you now have complete control as to what you want your special day to be like.

No approved venue is necessary for your celebration, so you have the choice of holding it anywhere. Not only does this makes your day special and unique, but keeps the price down!

You can now have the location you want, the time of day you want, the music, the theme, the toasting you want and most importantly the personal vows, promises and words you want.

I give you the flexibility and choice that your ceremony deserves.

We will meet in the very early stages of your plans. The script I write is personal to you and will contain the words, sentiments and emotions that you want, put in the way you want.

There is complete and full communication between us, giving you the control to fashion the celebrations in the manner that you request, with any inclusions from other family members and friends that you would like. Readings, poems, speeches, blessings and religious content can all be added if required.

I book one ceremony a day, so I am totally focused on you and your special occasion.